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Our Staff ...
The school offers the services of a well-trained and competent, experienced staff. Each teacher has the appropriate qualifications for the subjects and classes taught.

Our staff includes Head Teacher, teaching staff, and professional non-teaching staff (Bursar, Secretary, Security Officer, and support staff). Our Administrative cadre includes people with excellent experience and training in working with children.

Our Staff undergoes in-house workshops and sensitization programs held regularly to motivate and inspire them to provide the best services possible.

One of the most beloved members of our Teaching Staff is Mrs. Mbalire Agnes who has been in teaching for over 3 decades -- for 12 of those years, she has taught English Language and Reading here at Early Learning School. She is 70 years old, and has had the opportunity to meet HM Queen Elizabeth II twice in her life.

She first met and talked with the Queen in March, 1969 in Australia, where Agnes was studying to be a teacher at Wolloomgo Collage in New South Wales (50km from Sydney). Their second meeting was in November, 2007 during the Queen's State Visit to Uganda.

To her fellow teachers and the staff, and to the children, she is a treasured friend ...

Interview - "About Agnes Abesiga"

Letters to the Principal
"... in my job as Headmistress I wear many hats - I am Mother, and President, and Accountant, and Teacher, and Disciplinarian, and Dishwasher, and Confessor, and Chief Tucker-In-At-Night ... and there are few moments indeed when the challenge of balancing all these tasks is anything less than exilerating to me ..."

"... I sometimes arrive at school while it's still dark outside, and occasionally I'll find a note on my desk left by one of the students ... each note, without fail, brings tears to my eyes, and fills my heart with joy. I'd like to share some of them with you ..."

E-mail from 2015 graduate Isaiah Muwanguzi on Sunday, March 29, 2015 --
Hi Aunt -- greetings to Early Learning my home. I have actually lifted the name of Early Learning in Seeta High. In our mid term exams I was the fourth out of three hundred thirty nine students and the name of TELS was written on the notice board of Seeta High School among the giant schools. I am proud of Early Learning School.

- read more Notes to Agnes

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