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Entebbe Early Learning School (EELS) has an atmosphere of friendliness. With our motto: "Let Love Change Me", Love is the major driving force behind every motive and activity.

The School aims at developing the whole child with all aspects of a child's personality. That is development of child's aspects in regard of age, aptitude and ability. Hence we not only aim at a child's intellectual and physical development but also with the social, moral, emotional and above all spiritual development.

EELS is a community in itself and exists within a wider community. It is therefore, important to create an atmosphere in which a child can live happily and safely and play a useful part. We encourage our pupils to care about each other and others-less fortunate, thus the commitment to the LOVE MINISTRY (LOMI). This ministry is under the hospice of Entebbe Early Learning School.

We urge them to take pride in their appearance, their work, their school and their home environment. We want them to understand the value of truthfulness, honesty and tolerance, to know the difference between right and wrong and to realize the importance of good manners and personal cleanliness and learn how to cope with real life situation.

If you feel your child would prosper in this environment, we invite you to apply for enrollment - please download our Application Form and Rules and Regulations - choose the format you need: MS Word or Acrobat/PDF or Plain Text. Fill out the form, and return it by mail to the address at the top of the Application.

We also invite you to contact us through our web site ... please submit your comments and questions using our on-line form.

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